Sunday, March 2, 2014

"Miracle" dry skin treatment

If you have dry itchy skin you will love this cream.   I made it with the ingredients exactly as I was told.   Per my mother's neighbor's friend's doctor you have to go to Dollar General Store and buy the 2 pack vitamin E cream, one large petroleum jelly, one large baby lotion.   Mix well with a hand mixer.  I bought large mouth jars from Hobby Lobby to store the cream.    It is light and fluffy and it moisturizes amazingly.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Corset Training

I just started hearing about this new rage "Waist Training" also called  "Corset Training", "Waist Cinching"' or "Tight-lacing".  It is said that many celebrities like Beyonce and Jessica Alba have been in on this secret to get those hourglass curves and pre baby shape.   Basically you wear a corset daily starting with two hours at a time then increasing to up to 24 hours.  Taking breaks for showering and exercising of course.  Experts say you can reduce the size of your waist by up to 1-2 inches in a few months.  For waist training to be effective you have to be dedicated and go slow.  Listen to your body.   Many women give up before they achieve any result and some go way to far.  It is necessary to have a proper diet and regular exercise. Most of all do your research on training and products.

A good place to learn about corsets and training is Glamour Boutique.

Orchard Corset YouTube has information on fitting your corset.

Disclaimer:  I am not compensated in any way by these companies or have any affiliation with them.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Lemon Infused EVOO

I love lemon infused olive oil but it is difficult to find and expensive when I do find it.  So, I am making my own!    It's super easy.    You need a clean dry jar.  6 lemons washed and dried.  It is very important not to get any moisture in the mix or bacteria will grow.   Peel the lemons, making sure not to leave any of the fruit on the peel, put the peels into the jar. fill your jar with Extra Virgin Olive Oil to completely cover the peels.  Tightly close the jar and put it aside for about 2 weeks.  After 2 weeks strain the oil back into it's original bottle or a decorative bottle.  Enjoy on vegetables, pasta, or fish. Yummy!